Members of the Hungarian Transport Federation

1. Budapest Transport Privately Held Corporation (BKV Zrt.)

Head office: 1980 Budapest Akácfa u. 15.

BKV carries 1.4 billion passengers a year and operates 5 branches (bus, tram, metro, suburban railway, trolleybus) in an integrated network. Beyond these, it operates other modes primarily of touristic importance, like cogwheel tram, funicular, chairlift and river boat services. BKV preserves the heritage from its own history and from its predecessors by maintaining two museums as well as by operating nostalgic transport services.

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2. DKV Debrecen Exclusive Transport Company Ltd.

Head office: 4024 Debrecen, Salétrom u. 3.

DKV has been operating since 1884, it is a subsidiary of Debreceni Vagyonkezelő Zrt. (Debrecen Trust) and its core activities are to provide local public transport services in Debrecen by bus, trolleybus and tram and to operate and maintain the fleet and infrastructure (tracks and overhead wire network). Its vehicles meet all European Union requirements, since they are environmentally friendly and 95 % of the fleet is easily and comfortably accessible for people with reduced mobility. The aim of company is to develop public transport culture and to provide high quality services to the public.

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3. Miskolc City Transportation Company

Head office: 3527 Miskolc, Szondi György u. 1.
Miskolc was the pilot city in the countryside where on 10th July, 1897 the first tram set out between Tiszai pályaudvar and Veres templom. Already on the first day 7 615 persons travelled by the tram. Scheduled bus transport in the city set up on 17th November, 1948. The year 1954 was a great milestone in the progress of the public transportation of Miskolc when bus and tram branches were integrated in one company called Miskolc City Transportation Company. The company operated in this organization until 1994 when the Municipality of Miskolc – with 100% ownership – reconstructed it to a joint stock company. Since 2006 Miskolc City Transportation Company has been  the member company of Miskolc Holding.
Nowadays: Miskolc City Transportation Company provides the public transportation of Miskolc and Felsőzsolca.
Bus transport: 35 bus lines, 187 buses on a 153 km long network system.
Tram transport: 2 tram lines, 34 trams on a 11,6 km long tram network.

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4. Szeged Transportation Company

Head office: 6720 Szeged Zrínyi u. 4-8.

Public transport of Szeged is currently provided by two operators (the municipality owned Szeged Transport Company and the state owned Tisza Volán Share Holding Company). Szeged Transport Company operates trams and trolleybuses, furthermore it runs pay parking system and an automated parking house.

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5. Evobus Hungária Ltd.

Head office: 1117 Budapest Hunyadi János út 6.

EvoBus Hungária Kft., as the Hungarian representative of Daimler Buses' European subsidiary EvoBus GmbH, represents four brands: with sales of Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses,  with OMNIplus service network, and with BusStore used bus business, he is a broadly based service provider in the European and global bus market.
With continuous developments, he can provide durable solutions to the future mobility challenges. Daimler represents the largest bus manufacturer in Europe and one of the leading global participant in the Hungarian bus market, striving to be able to contribute to the modernization of the domestic bus fleet to the satisfaction of the operators and the traveling public.
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6. BKV Railway Vehicle Repair and Service Ltd.

Head office: 1106 Budapest Fehér út I/B

The company was founded in 1997 as a subsidiary owned 100 % by BKV Zrt when the numerous railway repair facilities around the city were merged. The company is a successor of BKV Railway Vehicle Repair Main Workshop founded in 1970 and is specialized in repairing and manufacturing tram, suburban and metro vehicles running in Hungary, their main components, and other related special accessories.
Lately its activities have been extended by the manufacture of railway switches and crossovers, furthermore it is also dealing with the repair and full-renovation of bus and trolleybus vehicles.
One of their biggest value is the unique staff of experts. As contribution to this, there has been continuous vocational training since the beginning at the premises of the company. Main client is BKV but thanks to its special services it is in connection with all operators in Hungary who run trams or buses. Beyond these, it developed cooperation with numerous foreign companies from car and railway industry.

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7. VIV Group

Seat: 1077 Budapest, Bethlen Gábor utca 21-23

VIV Group carries out construction prime contracting, general project implementation, design, manufacturing and maintenance tasks basically in Hungary and Germany and in the neighbour countries. We mount and install and power current and low-voltage current systems up to 3.5 kV. The quality  and technical level of the systems installed by us are ensured by our manufacturing plant on 5200 square meters, where  primarily low- and medium-voltage equipment is produced using parts and products of worldwide companies for Hungarian and foreign customers.  The plant satisfies the higher quality standards of the industrial field, e.g. it has certificates, permissions, expertise and experience to manufacture e.g.  flexible SIEMENS SIVACON s8 0.4 kV power distribution boards. Our Group pays special attention to business and technical co-operation with transport companies in our homeland, which is proven by fulfilling their orders at a high technical level.  Except for Hungarian transport companies, the Group manufactures railway technical equipment.

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8. Kaposvár Transport Public Limited Company

Head office: 7400 Kaposvár Áchim A. u. 1.

Kaposvár Transport Public Limited Company was founded by universal succession on 1st July, 1994.
In 2006 it became a 100% municipility-owned company and then the city estabilished the  Public Utility Holding Company of Kaposvár. Since 2011 it has been the sole shareholder of the company.
Our task is to exclusively provide municipal bus transport service and related functions considering passanger safety for the City of Kaposvár until 31st December 2022 based on the service contract with the city within the adminstrative zone of Kaposvár.
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9. Siemens Zrt.

Head office: 1143 Budapest Gizella út 51-57.

Cities on the Move

Siemens is one of the world’s leading technological companies. It has continuously endeavoured to create value in Hungary for 125 years. Siemens has taken an active part in the development of advanced city infrastructure and community transport as well as railway transport. Siemens successfully combines its international expertise with local competences in the field of railway and road traffic control systems, rail electrification and rolling stock. Siemens has always been at the forefront of Hungarian transportation development.  Using state-of-the-art technology of its time, the first underground railway on the European mainland, the Budapest Millennium Underground was also designed by Siemens& Halske AG and was launched in 1896.Our electronic interlocking and communication systems make the journeys safer on main railway lines. Siemens trams in Budapest with their regenerative braking can save up to one fifth of the traction energy. Siemens was a key player in the implementation of Metro line 4. The company has been a participant in the operation of the road traffic management system of Budapest as well. The company’s reliable “Taurus” locomotives and advanced “Desiro” trains have been transporting passengers on the Hungarian railway tracks for years. All around the globe, Siemens is helping cities become more accessible, more livable and more sustainable. That’s why every day we’re working with the world to create answers that will last for years to come.
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10. Hungarian Transport Designer and Engineering Co.

Head office: 2040 Budaörs Komáromi u. 22.

Hungarian Transport Designer and Engineering Co. have been carrying out engineering, designing and technical counselling activities since 2006 as a member of Műszer Automatika Group. The company was founded with the aim to provide comprehensive services for their partners in the field of transport design.  The Company has references both from Hungary and abroad. Our company carries out transport counselling tasks besides design and consulting during implementations of transport projects.  The scope of our activities includes all transport design and engineering services, such as feasibility studies, plans and site supervisions, technical, economical and engineering tasks.
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Head office: 1045 Budapest Istvántelki u. 8.

The legal predecessor of INTER TAN-KER Zrt. was founded in 2002 known as INTER TAN-KER Kft. INTER TAN-KER Zrt. regards its mission to help the work of the government and local governments as well as multinational, small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of transport with comprehensive solutions. The key role of the company has been achieved by meeting various needs with high standards of performance in the field of transport and introducing innovative solutions. Our colleagues with outstanding expertise guarantee to design and realise rather usable, stable, reliable, and efficient operating systems for the Hungarian and international transport industry. It is the basic condition of the success of INTER TAN-KER Zrt. and, at the same time, it is the most important goal of its activities to provide modern and competitive services to its customers and to continually improve the quality of its services.

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 12. BKK Centre for Budapest Transport Private Limited Company

Head office: 1075 Budapest, Rumbach Sebestyén u.19.-21.

As the manager of the transport service in the Capital, BKK Zrt. acts as a unifying, integrating organisation with professional standards, that integrates the management and supervision of the Budapest transport sectors, particularly in public and road transport, orders and finances the public services of public and road transport, improves urban transport and modernises it by investments made on behalf of the Municipality, supports, enables and assists the proliferation of pedestrian and bicycle transport, creates a balance between the development and operation of the transport system and plays an active role in regional transport cooperation.

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13. Tüke Bus Community Transport Private Limited Company

Head office: 7634 Pécs, Nyugati ipari út 8.

Tüke Bus Community Transport Private Limited Company (Tüke Busz Zrt.) is owned in 98,13% by the City of Pécs.  The subscribed capital of the company was increased by the company’s minority shareholder on May 3, 2013, thus 1.87% of the shares is owned by South-Transdanubian Regional Developement Private Limited Company (DDRF Zrt). The main task of the company is community land transport in and around the administrative area of the City of Pécs (TEÁOR 4931).  The company provides services to the population of City of Pécs and to the arriving passengers from suburban areas.


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