Members of the Hungarian Transport Federation


1. BKK Budapesti Közlekedési Központ Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság

Centre for Budapest Transport

Head office: 1075 Budapest, Rumbach Sebestyén u.19.-21.

As the mobility manager of the capital, Centre for Budapest Transport (BKK) is responsible for transport organization, commissioning, traffic control, traffic management and complex public space development. BKK is responsible not only for the organisation of public transport in Budapest, but also for the entire transport chain of the capital. Furthermore, BKK collects public transport fares and carries out ticket inspection and passenger information activities. By influencing choice of transport demand and mode, reducing environmental pollution, promoting equal opportunities, and building and operating a safe, predictable and integrated transport system BKK contributes to the creation of a sustainable, liveable, attractive and healthy urban environment in Budapest and its region. According to the expectations of the Municipality of Budapest, BKK actively participates in international transport professional organisations, which support the development of Budapest's transport system by disseminating renewable technologies and transport solutions and by sharing knowledge.

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2. BKV Railway Vehicle Repair and Service Ltd.
Head office: 1106 Budapest Fehér út I/B

The company was founded in 1997 as a subsidiary owned 100 % by BKV Zrt when the numerous railway repair facilities around the city were merged. The company is the successor of BKV Railway Vehicle Repair Main Workshop founded in 1970. It specializes in repairing and manufacturing tram, suburban and metro vehicles running in Hungary, their main components, and other related special accessories.
Their activities have recently been extended by manufacturing railway switches and crossovers, furthermore with repair and renovation of buses and trolleybuses. One of the strongholds of the company is its staff with great expertise. Based on their knowledge and experience, VJSZ has been involved in vocational training since the establishment of the company. The main client of VJSZ is BKV but thanks to its special services, the company has business connections with all the bigger tram and bus operators in Hungary.

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3. Budapest Transport Privately Held Corporation (BKV Zrt.)
Head office: 1980 Budapest Akácfa u. 15.

BKV carries 1.4 billion passengers a year and operates 4 branches (bus, tram, metro, trolleybus) in an integrated network. Beyond these, it operates other modes primarily of touristic importance, like cogwheel tram, funicular, chairlift and river boat services. BKV preserves the heritage from its own history and from its predecessors by maintaining two museums as well as by operating nostalgic transport services.

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4. Budapest Közút Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság

Head Office:  1115 Budapest, Bánk bán utca 8-12.

With its activity, Budapest Közút Zrt. (Budapest Public Road Ltd.) basically aims to ensure the most appropriate infrastructural conditions for the demand of the participants of transport and to make transport on Budapest roads as fluent and safe as possible. To accomplish this aim, it defines and controls the traffic order in Budapest, operates the traffic lights and the Traffic Control Centre of the capital, which controls them.

It performs the operation and maintenance tasks of roads, bridges, structures owned by the Capital Municipality and the entire road network and traffic equipment of Budapest used by public transport, even if the Municipality does not own it.

IT performs construction works related to its public road management tasks, including repairing defects in bridges, underpasses and other structures and road structures, maintaining ditches, culverts, maintaining and renewing road markings and installing and replacing traffic signs. It also carries out complex road, bridge and structure rehabilitation using its own and external capacity. It judges applications for demolition and construction works on the managed facilities and operates road patrol and bridge maintenance service.

It keeps a register of the operated facilities. The central “soul” of the service is KAPU, the web-based geo-portal, through which all the stakeholders can receive information. This system provides access to the entire road register data content: from traffic register to the operator boundaries.

The Company is responsible for the management of the protected and restricted freight traffic zones of Budapest and for establishment, operation and control of taxi ranks. Budapest Public Road carries out parking management tasks, too: it operates the Municipality owned P+R car parks, and the northern car park of Margaret Island, the Underground car park of Rákóczí Square and, since 2021, also the B+R parking lots established as part of the combined transport system.

The Engineering Directorate of Budapest Public Road Company is the expert in the technical supervision and management of engineering tasks with large and complex structures. Among its most prominent projects are the FIDIC engineering of M4 metro line, the technical inspection and other engineering tasks for the reconstruction of M3, and the technical inspection and other engineering tasks for the Széchenyi Chain Bridge. The Directorate has twice been awarded the Construction Industry Excellence Award.

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5. DKV Debreceni Közlekedési Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság

Debrecen Transport Company (DKV Zrt.)

Head Office: 4025 Debrecen Salétrom u. 3.

DKV Zrt., which has been providing public transport services since 1884, operates the most modern vehicle fleet in Hungary. Despite the pandemic, last year our environmentally friendly vehicles were used by 47 million passenger in Debrecen.
Our slogan is „Public transport for a green environment”. Thanks to the buses with Euro5 and Euro 6 environmentally rated engines, emissions have been decreased by approximately 5 tonnes per year, and by a further 700 kilograms with the implementation of tramline 2.


Our Vehicles

100 low-floor buses with Euro 5 environmental rated engines, 32 Euro 6D environmentally rated low-entry buses and 9 Euro 6E environmentally rated low-floor buses. 26 trams, out of which 18 are low-floor and 26 trolleybuses, out of which 21 are low-floor versions.

In 2022, 12 completely low floor Mercedes-Benz eCitaros will arrive, and 39 Mercedes-Benz Conecto NG with completely low floors will arrive in 2023.

Smart solutions

Debrecen was the first city to launch the electronic ticketing system in local public transport. Its residents and the tourists visiting the ’Cívisváros’ can buy their passes and day-tickets not only with their electronic ID cards, but also with all other identifying card-types or with Debrecen city cards. With Android or iOS mobile phones, it is also possible to purchase a mobile ticket, which can be validated by using a QR code placed at the doors.

In December 2021, the Company installed intelligent solutions to three busy stops, where during waiting time you can purchase an electronic ticket or an e-pass.

In line with the vision of Smart City, which is part of DKV Zrt., we are continuously developing real-time passenger information systems and expanding the possibilities of convenient and fast passenger service.

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 6. Omnibus Hungária Kft.

Head office: 1133 Budapest Kárpát u. 21.

Premises: 1117 Budapest Hunyadi János út 6.

Omnibus Hungária Kft., as the Hungarian representative of Daimler Truck AG Buses' European subsidiary EvoBus GmbH, represents four brands: with sales of Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses, with OMNIplus service network, and with BusStore used bus business, it is a broadly based service provider in the European and global bus market. With continuous developments, it can provide durable solutions to the future mobility challenges. Within the bus branch of Daimler it represents the largest bus manufacturer in Europe and one of the leading global stakeholder in the Hungarian bus market, striving to be able to contribute to the modernization of the domestic bus fleet to the satisfaction of the operators and the traveling public.
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Head office: 1024 Budapest Lövőház u. 37.

FŐMTERV was established in 1950 and has successfully combined the values of many years of experience and engineering tradition with the ability of continuous technical renewal and adaptation to changing markets in the past more than seven decades. Our corporate culture based on traditions has made it a natural requirement for all young new hires to think comprehensively and have a comprehension of the whole design process. A specialist staff in all technical areas, which is accomplished, competent and experienced, is a key factor of successful projects. The whole design process from conceptual designs and system designs to the preparation of detailed designs is carried out in-house. The complexity of FŐMTERV ensures that all engineering areas involved in the construction of a facility can be prepared within a single design workshop.
In the area of complex transport facilities, in addition to complete road, railway and traffic engineering design, transport systems are devised conceptually and network analyses and simulations are carried out as well. In the area of utilities, in addition to the design of water, sewer, gas, district heating and electrical networks, public lighting and mechanical systems complement the range of design areas. Bridge and engineering structure design includes retaining walls and small engineering structures through river bridges to the engineering structures of special facilities such as underground stations and subways. Our geotechnical division analyses geological samples in our own laboratory.
FŐMTERV was transferred to the ownership of its own employees during its privatisation in 1992. With its balanced operation, a staff of about 300 and sales amounting to about 5 billion HUF per year, our company has been a reliable partner in the area of infrastructure design, and has been playing an important role in works in Hungary since then.
We perform our work with commitment to, and responsibility for, our profession every day, in continuation of engineering traditions with a great past in Hungary.

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Head office: 1045 Budapest Istvántelki u. 8.

The legal predecessor of INTER TAN-KER Zrt. was founded in 2002 as INTER TAN-KER Kft. INTER TAN-KER Zrt. regards its mission to help the work of the government and local governments as well as multinational, small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of transport with comprehensive solutions. The key role of the company has been achieved by meeting various needs with high standards of performance in the field of transport and introducing innovative solutions. Our colleagues with outstanding expertise guarantee to design and realise rather usable, stable, reliable, and efficient operating systems for the Hungarian and international transport industry. It is the basic condition of the success of INTER TAN-KER Zrt. and, at the same time, it is the most important goal of its activities to provide modern and competitive services to its customers and to continually improve the quality of its services.

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9. Kaposvár Transport Public Ltd.
Head office: 7400 Kaposvár Áchim A. u. 1.

Kaposvár Transport Public Limited Company was founded by universal succession on July 1 1994. In 2006, it became a 100% municipality-owned company. After this, the city established Public Utility Holding Company of Kaposvár.

Since 2011, it has been the sole shareholder of the company. Our task is to provide municipal bus transport service and related functions considering passenger safety for Kaposvár based on the service contract with the city within the administrative zone of Kaposvár.

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10. Kecskemét Transport Centre Ltd.The Municipality of Kecskemét City with County Rights assigned Kecskemét Transport Centre owned solely by them to perform transport organizer’s tasks related to the scheduled local bus services beginning with 1st January 2020.

Our Company and Inter Tan-Ker Zrt., selected in a tender as our partner company, provide public bus transport services within the boundaries of Kecskemét City.

Tasks of Kecskemét Transport Centre:

  • network and timetable planning,
  • service planning, organization and ordering,
  • operational implementation of the service,
  • planning and implementation of travel information, operation of the related information technology systems,
  • inspections of the stops and the vehicles,
  • sales tasks,
  • quantity- and quality service inspection,
  • integration of services provided by the different public transport service branches.

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11. Közlekedés Consulting Engineering Ltd.

Head office: 1052 Budapest, Bécsi utca 5.

Közlekedés Consulting Engineering Ltd. was founded in January 1990 by nine Hungarian and three foreign design engineer companies, and three engineers, as one of the first designer offices in urban transport planning. Since then, during the past 30 years, the small group has grown to a company of 45 people, and has been recognized in the field of its activity. Our diverse knowledge base, professional experience, technical expertise and quest for quality have brought fruit: productive business relationships and co-operation in Hungary and abroad.
Design activity extends from studies and strategic planning to implementation plans and construction supervision. Besides this, the company provides specialist-counselling services and undertakes roles in transport research and development projects, e.g. National Transport Development Strategy (NKS) and Development plan of Budapest Transport System (BKRFT). Besides developing sustainable urban mobility plan (SUMP), also smart services, autonomous vehicles, high-speed test-track, micro-mobility in cities, issues of car-sharing, planning workplace mobility, and demand-driven, green public transport belongs to our competence. Besides Budapest, we have undertaken planning tasks also in Debrecen, Kecskemét, Szeged, Sopron, Esztergom, Bicske, Győr, Miskolc, Pécs, Balatonfüred, Veszprém, Zala County, etc. However, we have already worked for Zagreb and Belgrade, too. At present, we prepare transport development plans for Lake Balaton and its region, including planning integrated land-use and ecologic, touristic and decarbonisation steps.  

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12. KF Service Solutions Kft.

Head Office: 2440 Százhalombatta, belterület 2982/8. hrsz.

KF Service Solutions Ltd. is a car sales and rental enterprise with a history of more than 30 years. The group also undertakes bus passenger transport, the service, repair and examination of buses and passenger cars independently.

We would like to highlight the two main branches of the company, iBUS Hungary and KF Minibus as two fundamental and defining elements of our company's image.



iBUS Hungary was established a few years ago as the official bus distributor and brand service of Anadolu Isuzu. As our company's brand is based on Isuzu, we carry out passenger transport, importing, selling, purchasing and selling parts, and service of Isuzu buses. We are proud to announce that we are currently the exclusive importers of Isuzu in Hungary.



We launched our business unit called KF Minibus in 2019, which deals with minibus reconstruction, body design, custom code production, domestic and international vehicle sales, and short and long term rental. The models we sell are called KF Minibus, based on two main vehicle types, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Renault Master.


13. Hungarian Transport Designer and Engineering Co.

Head office: 2040 Budaörs Komáromi u. 22.

Hungarian Transport Designer and Engineering Co. has been carrying out engineering, designing and technical counselling activities since 2006 as a member of Műszer Automatika Group. The company was founded with the aim to provide comprehensive services for its partners in the field of transport design.  The Company has references both from Hungary and abroad. Our company carries out transport counselling tasks besides design and consulting during implementations of transport projects.  The scope of our activities includes all transport design and engineering services, such as feasibility studies, plans and site supervisions, technical, economical and engineering tasks.
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14. Miskolc Városi Közlekedési Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság

Miskolc Urban Public Transport Co. MVK Zrt.

Head office: 3527 Miskolc, Szondi György u. 1.

Miskolc was the first rural city to launch a tramline on 10 July 1897, which ran between Tiszai Railway Station and the Red Church, and which carried 7,615 passengers on its first day in service. The scheduled bus service started17th November 1948. In the history of development of the public transport of Miskolc 1954 was a significant year, when the two individually controlled services –the bus and tram services were integrated into one organization called Miskolc Transport Co. The company worked in this organizational structure till 1944, when the Municipality of Miskolc transformed it into a joint stock company with a 100 per cent own share. MVK Zrt has been a member company of Miskolc Holding. Nowadays it is MVK Zrt which provides public transport services in the city of Miskolc and Felsőzsolca settlement. Bus service: 34 routes, total length of network 165.2 km, served by 143 buses. Tram service: 3 tramlines, 12.7 km network, 34 trams.

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15. Paks Transport Ltd.

Postal adress: 7031 Paks, pf. 94

Paks Transport Ltd., a company 100 per cent owned by the Municipality of Paks, has been carrying out the tasks of planning, organizing and operating public transport of the city since February 1 2021. Our company is the first one in Hungary to operate exclusively electric vehicles for public service tasks in order to fulfil the vision of the city management that Paks should develop into one of the greenest intelligent city in the country.
Paks Transport Ltd. considers it its mission to promote public transport services and to restrict the use of private transport vehicles in order to create a cleaner and more liveable city for the residents of the city. The real time solutions used by the Company more and more widely are effective means to reach these targets by improving the travel experience and passenger comfort and by simplifying the usage of the service.

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16. Siemens Mobility Kft.

Head office: 1143 Budapest Gizella út 51-57.

Siemens own Siemens Mobility Kft., but it is an independent company. Siemens Mobility has been playing a leading role in the field of transport solutions for 160 years. It has been continuously developing its portfolio in the field of rolling stock, railway automation and electrification, intelligent transport systems, support and software development. Through digitalization, Siemens Mobility makes it possible for the transport operators worldwide to configure intelligent infrastructure, to create sustainable values for the full life cycle, and, respectively, improves travel experience and ensures guaranteed availability.

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17. Szeged Transport Company

Head office: 6720 Szeged Zrínyi u. 4-8.vvvv

Public transport of Szeged is currently provided by two operators: municipality owned Szeged Transport Company and the state owned VOLÁNBUSZ Ltd. Szeged Transport Company operates trams and trolleybuses, furthermore they run the pay parking system.

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18. T-Busz Tatabánya Transport Co.

Head office: 2800 Tatabánya, Győri út 23

Pursuant to the decision No. 263/2015. (XII.17.) of General Assembly of Municipality of Tatabánya city with county rights it is intended to carry out local public transport by an own company, and for this reason T-Busz Tatabánya Transport Co. was established in December 2015.
The transport company launched the first local bus service in Tatabánya on January 1, 2018. Due to the continuous development, we provide daily bus transport services to the residents of the city with our low noise, environmentally friendly, safe and convenient bus fleet, and a modern and accurate travel information system has been implemented, too.
The administrative functions of the transport company are supported by the background infrastructure of T-SZOL Zrt., so the company focuses primarily on the tasks of the transport profession.

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 19. TTDExpert Fővállalkozói Zrt.

Head office: 1144 Budapest Gvadányi utca 61-65

The predecessor of TTDExpert Fővállalkozói Zrt., Tóth T. D. Fővállalkozói és Mérnökiroda Kft. was established in October in 1997.
The activities of our company have two branches: prime contracting and implementation of constructions and, respectively, implementation of track construction works. In the previous years, we participated in numerous urban rail construction tenders, and thanks to this, we have expertise even in complicated tasks requiring excellent organisational skills. We played an outstanding role in the construction and reconstruction works of Budapest Metros. E.g., it was our company, who managed the track construction project of East-West Metro Line M2. In implementation of Metro Line M4, which was inaugurated in 2014, Tóth T.D. Kft., as a 100 per cent domestic SME, won the Co-08 Track Construction Contract for Section 1: tunnel and surface (vehicle plant) against great international companies.
We constructed the tunnel tracks of M4 with not the traditional, but with a new, more up-to-date technique, the so-called “top-down” technology, which ensures a significant improvement in all the characteristics of a railway track.
We could take part in tram system developments of other big Hungarian cities, e.g. in Debrecen and Szeged.
During our prime constructor’s activity we gained experience in implementation of various engineering structures, utilities, public road facilities. Among of our latest jobs was the track reconstruction by changing the superstructure on Grand Boulevard between Oktogon and József Street, then on the section between Corvin negyed and Goldmann György Square , where innovative prefabricated concrete slabs were used, and which will be continued to the Karinthy Frigyes transport nod in 2020.

We subcontracted the track reconstruction works of Metro 3 Northern and Southern sections. Currently the reconstruction of the middle section is in process.

In the recent years we opened towards other areas of the building industry to ensure the stability of the company. As a subcontractor, we undertook tasks of demolishing and structural construction works of metro stations of M3 line.

In 2020, as a part of the refurbishment works of the Hatvan railway line, it was our company who carried out the structural works of the underpass of the Aszód Railway Station and the bridges over Breda brook.

In 2021 we performed  a contract on the refurbishment of 4 railway bridges between Keleti pu and Kőbánya felső, i.e. reconstruction of the 3rd track, signalling system, engineering works, building construction, overhead line, noise protection.

We undertook designing and construction works in connection with the development of Dömsöd Promenade (a 200 m long section of the Danube bank of the Soroksár Danube branch), including construction of road, pavement and a parking lot, refurbishment of the old port, landscaping and replacement and upgrading the electric and lighting network.

Currently, we work on – among others – a pedestrian bridge within the touristic development of the Felcsút reservoir.

Our employees have gained experience in outstanding projects in all the fields of the construction industry, road- and motorway construction, bridges, architectural- and hydraulic engineering. 

20. Tüke Bus  Community Transport Private Limited Company

Head office: 7634 Pécs, Nyugati ipari út 8.

Tüke Bus Community Transport Private Limited Company (Tüke Busz Zrt.) is owned in 100 % by the City of Pécs.  The main task of the company is public passenger transport in and around the administrative area of the City of Pécs.  The company provides services to the population of City of Pécs and to the arriving passengers from suburban areas.

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21. V-Busz Veszprém Transport Co.

Head office: 8200 Veszprém, Házgyári út 1.

Municipality of Veszprém established V-Busz Kft. in 2018 in order to start and operate a reliable and safe urban public transport system in Veszprém to serve the local residents and tourists, keeping the interests of the passengers in mind. The service commenced on January 1 2019.


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22.VIV Group

Official Seat: 1077 Budapest, Bethlen Gábor utca 21-23

VIV Group carries out construction prime contracting, general project implementation, design, manufacturing and maintenance tasks basically in Hungary and Germany and in the neighbouring countries. We mount and install and put into operation power current and low-voltage current systems up to 3.5 kV. The high quality and technical level of the systems installed by us are ensured by our electric device manufacturing plant in Bicske, where we produce primarily low- and medium-voltage equipment partly for the domestic market, and partly for foreign customers, using parts and products of well-known companies from all over the world.  Besides electric distribution equipment for the Hungarian transport systems, the plant manufactures railway appliances and components primarily for our EU partners. To satisfy the higher quality requirements of the industrial fields, our company has certificates, permissions, expertise and experience to manufacture e.g.  drawer-type distribution panels. Our Group pays special attention to business and technical co-operation with the domestic transport companies, as a result of which, since the establishment of the company 25 years ago,  we have taken part in the implementation of several successful trolleybus, tram, metro projects (such as power supply reconstruction of Szeged SzKT, implemetation of Debrecen DKV, Metro 4 power supply implementation and electric mounting of the stations, reconstructions of Tramlines 1-3, reconstruction of Metro line 3, power supply and electric mounting of several stations, etc. )

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