Organization structure


The main body of the Federation is the Plenary Assembly which consists of the members of the Federation. The Plenary Assembly shall be convened once a year or if needed. The leadership election shall be held every three years.

The Chairmanship

he Chairmanship is the main administrator body of the Federation which consists of 5 members.

Members of the Chairmanship are: Dr. Gyula Várszegi, Tibor Bolla, Attila Nagy, Dr. László Ludvig, Dr. Gábor Tenk

Chairman of the Federation is: Dr. Gyula Várszegi

Vice-chairman of the Federation is: Attila Nagy

Dr. Gyula Várszegi

Qualifications: power plant technician, transportation engineer (faculty of vehicle operation), expert at transport economics, expert at investment organisation, Doctor of Economic Sciences (Transport Economics).

Main professional positions:

1954. Épfu, construction foreman, Head of the Technical Department

1972 Millenium Underground, 1973. Director of Metróber

1985. MÁV, Technical  Deputy Chief Executive Officer - . Chief Executive Officer

1989. Épfu Deputy Chief Executive Officer

1996. Ganz, Technical Chief Executive Officer

2003. Municipality of Budapest, Senior Advisor

2006. Metróber, Director of Development

2011. BKV Zrt. Chief Executive Officer

Proven tracks: the foundation of METROINVEST, the first Hungarian venture capital company, the initiation of the automated line planning system, the development of the domestic metro and tram cars, the different technical patents, the joining of the railway EURO-CITY system, putting into service the railway „COMFORT” car, the  issuance of  MÁV electrification debts, the initiation of manager training at MÁV, the production of special railway wagons, the reconstruction of the articulated tram, putting into service metro lines 2. and 3., the extension of the Millenium Underground and the widining of Árpád-bridge.
In 1986 he received the „Excellent Inventor” award and in 1997 the „Innovation award”.
Between 1976 and 1986 he was the member of the International Metro Commission (UITP) and between 1986 and 1988 the Board member of the International Union of Railways (UIC).


Tibor Bolla

He is a certified financial economist, and a certified corporate managing agricultural engineer. After graduating from the University of Agricultural Sciences in Gödöllő, he also obtained a diploma at the College of Finance and Accountancy. He is also a chartered accountant and has high-level foreign trade qualifications. Between 1993 and 2003, he worked for the company managing and privatizing state-owned assets as a manager and director (ÁV Rt. and ÁPV Rt.), then spent nearly 6 years at a financial company as a deputy CEO (Cívis Credit Pénzügyi Szolgáltató Zrt.). Previously he has worked for BKV Zrt. as financial deputy CEO, directing the company"s economic, financial and sales processes. He was appointed to Chief Executive Officer of BKV Zrt. on 14th February 2012.
He has been the Chairman CEO of the company since 1 January 2015.



Attila Nagy

Engineer - Economist

Qualifications: Master of Engineering - Budapest University of Technology Faculty of Transportation Engineering (1988)

Main professional positions:

1988 – 1997:            Közép-Tiszavidéki Vízügyi Igazgatóság Gépészeti Üzem, Unit Operator, Head of the Central Technical Safety Department  of the Directorate
1997 - 2001              Posta Autó Debrecen Kft., Chief Engineer
2001 -                      Chief Executive Officer of DKV Debreceni Közlekedési Zrt.





Proven tracks: the participation of the development of the public transportation of the city Debrecen, the realization of the trolleybus reconstruction program (2005-2007), the renewal of the local bus transport (2009) and the start of the new tram line No.2 (2014).

roven tracks: the participation of the development of the public transportation of the city Debrecen, the realization of the trolleybus reconstruction program (2005-2007), the renewal of the local bus transport (2009) and the start of the new tram line No.2 (2014).

Positions in professional organisations:
from 2001        Member of the Transport Science Association
2007-2011    Chairman of Debrecen Academy of Transport and Communications Committee
from 2007    Chairman of Hajdú-Bihar County Regional Organization of Transport Sciences
2008        Gold Badge of the Transport Science Association (KTE)
2013        Széchenyi István Plaque of the Transport Science Association


Dr. László Ludvig
I graduated in 1992 at the Mechanical Engineering Faculty of the Budapest Technical University (BME), then with the scholarship from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences I prepared my candidate dissertation on the Business Management Faculty and received my PhD degree. I completed my technical knowledge with a postgraduate training in economy at BKE. After an internship spent at Valmet Railway Division in Finland I decided to take a job in the field of railway vehicle manufacturing at Ganz-Hunslet joint venture after the university years, then I worked for different international manufacturers: Adtranz (ABB, Daimler), Bombardier and Siemens. Then I worked for some years in Germany and Austria. Since 2004 I have taken different leading positions at the Budapest branch of Siemens and now I lead  Siemens Mobility division. I have participated in the work of several organisations MKSZ, KTE, MATE, Hungarian Association for Innovation.



Dr. Gábor Tenk

agronomer – Pannon University of Agriculture Mosonmagyaróvár (1989)
economist specialized in marketing - Marx Károly University of Economy Egyetem, Budapest (1992)
PhD doktor - Pannon University of Agriculture Mosonmagyaróvár (1999)

Positions, task:
1991        Dunabank Mosonmagyaróvár, financing bureau leader
1993        Unicbank Győr, financing agent
1995    Inter-Európa Bank Győr, branch director: setting up the branch, establishing client network, working out sales activity
1998    OTP Bank Nyrt. Győr, directing service for company and self - governmental clients in three, later in 5 counties
2008    OTP Banka Slovensko Bratislava, OTP Bank Slovakia, director for retail and corporate fields
2011    Hungarian National Organisation for Rescue Services, Ajka,  government official, inspection of economic activities of MAL Zrt under state control
2011        Duna Savings Bank, Győr, director
2013        Inter Tan-ker Zrt., deputy CEO
2014        Inter Tan-ker Zrt. CEO

Important accomplishment: Inter Tan-Ker Zrt. has been providing high quality public transport services to the city of Debrecen for 7 years and for 2 years for BKV Zrt, too.